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Alternate List & Policy

The CSGA will be utilizing the following alternate system for the 2018 Connecticut Amateur:

For all CSGA Championships which require qualifying but do not conduct playoffs at these qualifying sites to determine an exact number of spots (i.e. Connecticut Open), an alternate pool will be formed that includes ALL players from each qualifying site with the next best score after the cut line.

After sectional qualifying, all players in the pool will then be randomly selected and ranked by number as alternates. The alternate list for each Championship Proper will be published, posted online and updated as players are added to the Championship Proper.

An alternate can be placed into the Championship Proper field in the following ways:

1) To fill the field after qualifying has been completed in order to the maximize the number of competitors allowed per championship (i.e. 130 – Amateur, 100 – Mid-Am).

2) To fill a spot of an exempt player who has withdrawn - in such case the overal priority ranking will be used to fill that spot

3) To fill a spot of a qualifying player who has withdrawn - in such case the highest ranked player from that specific qualifying site will be offered that spot and if no players remain on the alternate list from that specific qualifying site the overall ranking will be used.

In the event of any no-shows or last minute withdrawals, alternates will be permitted to be on site during a championship proper to fill those spots.  The highest ranked alternate on site will have priority.

NOTE: This alternate policy will only be enforced if the Championship Proper field becomes less than the maximum number of competitors permitted per championship.

Connecticut Amateur Alternate List

All alternates were randomly selected and ranked by number

Rank Name Qualifying Site Status
1 Erik Williams Great Neck CC Accepted - 6/1
2 Larry Haertel, Jr. H. Smith Richardson GC Declined - 6/1
3 DJ Lawlor Wampanoag CC Accepted - 6/1
4 Ray Martino H. Smith Richardson GC Accepted - 6/1
5 Brian Cyr Heritage Village CC Accepted - 6/1
6 Rudy Hermstadt Heritage Village CC Accepted - 6/1
7 Nathaniel Lane Wampanoag CC Awaiting Spot
8 Keith Salamon H. Smith Richardson GC Awaiting Spot
9 Robert Colucci H. Smith Richardson GC Awaiting Spot
10 Stephen Carruthers H. Smith Richardson GC Awaiting Spot
11 Robert Joyce Wampanoag CC Awaiting Spot
12 Tyler Scheiblich Great Neck CC Awaiting Spot
13 Mitchel Nappi Wampanoag CC Awaiting Spot
14 Matt Dzubin Wampanoag CC Awaiting Spot
15 Michael Griffin Wampanoag CC Awaiting Spot
16 John Serafin Wampanoag CC Awaiting Spot


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The CSGA functions as an extension of the USGA and provides stewardship for amateur golf in Connecticut. Founded in 1899, it is the country’s oldest state golf association and conducts over 50 Championships, Qualifiers and One-Day Tournaments throughout the year, in addition to administering handicaps for over 40,000 members and 181 member clubs. As a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, the CSGA supports a variety of golf organizations within Connecticut, including the Connecticut Women’s Golf Association, Southern New England Women’s Golf Association, The First Tee, the Connecticut PGA, and the CSGA Scholarship Fund in honor of Widdy Neale.