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Connecticut State Golf Association
Steward of Connecticut Golf Since 1899
Connecticut State Golf Association

One Day Series

Registration Information

The CSGA's One Day Tournament Registration System allows golfers with a CSGA GHIN Handicap to register themselves and fellow competitors for CSGA One Day Tournaments.

In order to use the registration system you will first need to create a profile. To create a profile, open https://oneday.csgalinks.org in your web browser and click Create Profile. You will need your GHIN number to complete this action.

If you have already created your profile, you may login to the system by selecting Login and providing your User Name and Password

Once you have successfully logged into the system, you will see the complete One Day Tournament schedule. Tournaments that are open for registration will have Register displayed in the right column.

Clicking on Register will display a tee sheet with tee time positions displayed as Available, Filled or Held. Tee times displayed as Held are currently open by another system user. Held tee times will be released, if not fully booked, once the person working with that time is finished.

Clicking on an Available time will open the Register Players page. If the Register Players does not load but instead you see a note that the time is already held, you will see a timer that showing how much longer that record will be held:

There is a hold on this time until: 4:44PM

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This can occur when another user clicks on an available record between the time that your browser loads and the time that you click on Available.

You will be returned to the tee sheet to select another time. The F5 button will refresh your current page.

On the Register Players page, you will see a list of the available positions at that tee time with your name in the first available position.

You will notice a count down timer in the  upper left corner of the page. The timer is currently set to 7 minutes and 30 seconds which is the time that an individual has to complete their registration. Clicking on Cancel Hold will return you to the Register page and will release that time.

Under Player Information is a Find Players section. You may search using Last Name, First Name and GHIN #. Clicking Search will return a list of matching records showing Player Name and Club. Selecting one of these results will add that person to the first available tee position.

Clicking on Guest will add a guest to the first available position.  When a guest is added to an available tee position, "CSGA Member - Enter Name" should be typed over with the actual name of the guest.

The Flight must be selected for each entry.

The Clear button will clear an entry from its corresponding tee position.

Anyone selected by you for an available tee position will be added to your recent buddies list. Clicking on Buddies will display your recent buddies list.

Once all players have been input, it is time to pay.

Fill in your credit card information and click Book.


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About the CSGA

The CSGA functions as an extension of the USGA and provides stewardship for amateur golf in Connecticut. Founded in 1899, it is the country’s oldest state golf association and conducts over 50 Championships, Qualifiers and One-Day Tournaments throughout the year, in addition to administering handicaps for over 40,000 members and 181 member clubs. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the CSGA supports a variety of golf organizations within Connecticut, including the Connecticut Women’s Golf Association, Southern New England Women’s Golf Association, The First Tee, the Connecticut PGA, the Connecticut Association of Golf Course Superintendents and the CSGA Scholarship Fund in honor of Widdy Neale.