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Connecticut State Golf Association
Steward of Connecticut Golf Since 1899
Connecticut State Golf Association


Past Presidents of the CSGA

Since W.H. Sanford from Litchfield Country Club became the association’s first president in 1899, there have been sixty men elected as president of the CSGA. The fifty-nine men listed within are the past presidents of the CSGA.


1899 W.H. Sanford, Litchfield GC
1900-1902 J. M. Young, Brooklawn CC
1903-1905 F.R. Cooley, Hartford GC
1906-1907 G.H. Zimmerman, New Haven CC
1908-1910 Frank E. Sands, Highland CC
1911 William K. Shepard, New Haven CC
1912-1913 George D. Munson, Wallingford CC
1914-1919 Julian W. Curtiss, Greenwich CC
1916-1917 W. H. Race, Highland CC
1918-1919 H. H. Deloss, Brooklawn CC
1920-1921 J. T. Soutter, Greenwich CC
1922-1923 E. B. Morris, Hartford GC
1924-1925 H. S. White, CC of Waterbury
1926-1927 J. P. Cheney, Manchester CC
1928-1929 M. Farmer Shuttle, Meadow CC
1930-1931 S. N. Pierson, Woodway CC
1932-1933 H. S. Humphrey, Shuttle Meadow CC
1934-1935 W. E. Batterson, Hartford GC
1936-1937 J. W. Doty, Wee Burn Club
1938-1939 Frank D. Ross, Wampanoag CC
1940-1941 W. P. Seeley, Brooklawn CC
1942-1943 W. J. Sweeney, Shuttle Meadow CC
1944-1945 J. B. Baylis, Wampanoag CC
1946-1947 A. W. H. Taylor, Greenwich CC
1948-1949 Robert M. Grant, Wethersfield CC
1950-1951 G. A. McLachlan, Ridgewood CC
1952-1953 Charles C. Clare, New Haven CC
1954-1955 Louis K. Ives, Hartford GC
1956-1957 Veggo F. Larsen, New Haven CC
1958-1959 Henry Fuldner, Indian Hill CC
1960-1961 William G. Park, Norwich GC
1962-1963 James H. Killington, Wampanoag CC
1964-1965 Alpheus Winter, IV, Brooklawn CC
1966-1967 Louis B. Stoner, Hartford GC
1968 William H. Neale, Yale GC
1969-1970 Charles G. Arnold, CC of Waterbury
1971-1972 James A. Grant, Wethersfield CC
1973-1974 Herbert L. Emanuelson, New Haven CC
1975-1976 Burton B. Resnik, Woodbridge CC
1977-1978 Martin J. Moraghan, CC of Waterbury
1979-1980 William C. Harding, Pautipaug CC
1981-1982 Arthur C. Williams, Brooklawn CC
1983-1984 Heminway Merriman, CC of Waterbury
1985-1986 Jock McLean, Ridgwood CC
1987-1988 Ericsson B. Broadbent, New Haven CC
1989-1990 Philip T. Sehl, Wethersfield CC
1991-1992 R. M. Tettelbach, Yale GC
1993-1994 T. W. Lane, Race Brook CC
1995-1996 Robert H. Hopkins, Woodway CC
1997-1998 Sanford P. Young, Wee Burn CC
1999-2000 Willard V. Starkie, CC of Farmington
2001-2002 Peter Bulkeley, Black Hall Club
2003-2004 Bruce C. Guthrie, New Haven CC
2005-2006 Carl Stockwell, Grassy Hill CC
2007-2008 Richard J. Zanini, Wethersfield CC
2009-2010 John J. Walsh, Jr., New Haven CC
2011-2012 Jeff Witherwax, Heritage Village CC
2013-2014 John Marion, Norwich GC
2015-2016 Stan McFarland, Manchester CC
2017-2018 Peter Kaufmann, Woodway CC
2019-2020 James Healey, Jr., Hartford GC

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Allied Organizations

Allied Organizations

About the CSGA

Founded in 1899, the CSGA is the country's oldest state golf association and, as an Allied Golf Association of the USGA, provides stewardship for amateur golf in Connecticut. In addition to administering handicaps for over 40,000 members at 181 member clubs, the CSGA conducts more than 85 days of competition throughout the year for golfers of all ages, genders, and skill levels. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the CSGA supports a variety of golf organizations within Connecticut, including the Connecticut Association of Golf Course Superintendents, Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, Connecticut Section PGA, Connecticut Women’s Golf Association, CSGA Scholarship Fund in honor of Widdy Neale, LPGA-Amateur Golf Association, Southern New England Women’s Golf Association, and The First Tee of Connecticut.